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August 26, 2012

Ronaldo Barcelona 96-97 Kappa FOR SALE!

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Size M: 220 EURO including shipping

Size XL + short XL: 220 EURO including shipping.

Combined items: 400 EURO including shipping

Items are in Bayern, Germany


December 24, 2010

Adidas Predator World Cup 1994

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Anyone interested with my football shoes? Wanted to sell them because I have found my size.

The condition is never-worn with no used signs on the kangaroo leather.
The rubber surface is 70% shining like in the picture.
The size is 7 GB/ 40 2/3 / 7 1/2 USA.
Comes with tag, small info book, original box and stud remover(not in picture).
The studs are the same in the picture ( for soft ground)

This is the 1st version of Predator which to be used during World Cup 1994 in USA.
I’m selling at 150 GBP excluding shipment.
I prefer buyer from Europe and UK because it is easier to deal with the shipment.
Please add extra 10 gbp for signed shipment.
People in other countries (Malaysia, Indonesia etc) also can buy but the shoes can only be shipped early March 2011.
More info/pictures at this website: Predator 1994

Email me for anything:

Players who used the shoes during World Cup 1994:

Jürgen Klinsmann


Thomas Häßler

Ronald Koeman (1989-95 FC Barcelona player)

Ronald De Boer (1998-2000 FC Barcelona player)

Craig Johnston Predator Football Boots History

The History of Adidas Predators from Concept to Design to Production

The history of Predator football boots is a classic example of design through experience. Craig Johnston played professional football for both Middlesborough and Liverpool FC during the Eighties. In retirement, Craig Johnston began to combine his lifelong passions of football and design. The result was a prototype football boot that was to become the Adidas Predator.

Adidas Predator History – Craig Johnston’s Original Design

Like many youth academy football players, Craig Johnston began his career cleaning the football boots of the senior professionals. However, Johnston took a greater interest in his chores than most. From this early age he began trying on the various boots, testing them for comfort, immediately realizing that some were good and others obviously bad.

Through his career, Craig Johnston developed new methods for enhancing training regimes and his personal diet, and maintained his belief that football boots could and should be better.

Later, coaching children in Australia, Johnston had his eureka moment: “…I was telling them that they had to grip and bite into the ball like a table tennis bat to swerve it.” The children replied that their boots were leather, not rubber, and didn’t grip the ball in the rain.

History of Adidas Predators – Origins of the Predator Football Boot

Contemplating this, Johnston returned home and took the rubber off a table tennis bat and stuck the material onto a pair of his own football boots: “Immediately I went outside again and kicked the ball, I could hear a squeak when the rubber engaged with the polyurethane of the ball” (quotes taken from an interview featured at

This realization led to the belief that a material could be used in order to increase grip on the ball, in turn increasing both control and the application of swerve. For this, the traditional football boot surface area needed to be changed in order to maximize overall contact with the ball.

Johnston’s Predator Football Boot Prototype to Adidas Worldwide Release

Craig Johnston invested much of his own money, and hundreds of hours of design and research, into the prototype boot. Johnston eventually found both a combination of boot structure and material that fulfilled his ideas. The rubber surface area featured hundreds of teeth-like dimples, increasing overall surface area and generating the desired grip and feel.

With the design complete, the next stage was finding a big-name manufacturer. After five years in development, Predator boots hit their next stumbling block. Adidas, Reebok and Nike all refused the design.

But Johnston was not to be beaten, and his football connections helped him find a backer. Johnston filmed German football legend Franz Beckenbauer using the boots in the snow in Germany, demonstrating the enhanced grip of the Predators. Adidas, a German company, liked what they saw, and Craig Johnston got his deal.

The First Predator Football Boot

The first Predator football boot was launched in 1994 for the USA World Cup. Soon, Adidas sponsored football stars were playing in the new Predator football boots. David Beckham wears Predators to this day, as do Michael Ballack, Steven Gerrard and Lionel Messi to name just a few.

Now arguably the most popular and innovative football boots on the market, Adidas Predator football boots have continued to lead the way in football boot technology. Craig Johnston’s innovation and determination paid off in spectacular fashion.

Craig Johnston and ‘The PIG’ Football Boot

Craig Johnston did not stop after revolutionizing the football boot just once. Johnston was nominated in the 2004 British Designer of the Year Award for a new football boot innovation. Despite not winning the award, Johnston’s new design, ‘The Pig’, was picked up by the media.

The Pig (Patented Interactive Grip) differed from the Predator football boot design in that it was a slip-on sleeve to be placed over any football boot. The Pig sleeve was covered in rubber spikes, again looking for maximum grip, control, swerve, and comfort, similar to Predator football boots but at a much lower price range.

However, the boot design has not yet made it into production, and the initial buzz surrounding it has gone quiet. New information regarding The Pig is hard to come by – feel free to comment below with any updates.

Adidas Predator History – Craig Johnston’s Quest

Adidas Predator football boots continue to push the boundaries of football boot design. Craig Johnston summed up his quest for the perfect football boot in an interview with Alyson Rudd in The Times (March 8th, 2004): “Can you make a boot that makes someone a better player? No you can’t. But you can offer more of what a player wants — more grip, more swerve. He wants more of the sweet-spot feeling — when you hit it and you know it’s going in.”




December 16, 2010

Ruud Hesp #13 FC Barcelona 1997/98 Super Cup/Supercopa Player Issue

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I just bought this shirt this week from a german-based ebay seller. This is a player issue jersey from Kappa but I am not sure if this is a matchworn shirt since the seller told me his father was a die hard fan of Dortmund BvB and travelled around Europe to watch football and didn’t mention anything about ‘sources’ for getting this jersey. And again I am not sure if the jersey is available for fans back then.
My favourite reference is FCBarcelonaMemorabilia but the owner still does not have this Supercup/CL issue jersey. So I looked for other sources like elmundodeportivo to get more pictures.


Ruud Hesp #13 FC Barcelona 1997/98 Supercup Player Issue

During 1st leg at Camp Nou

His name on the sleeves. The difference between La Liga and CL version is that the CL version doesn’t have the Kappa logo and dark blue underground between his name RUUD HESP on the sleeves. Refer to 3 pictures below.

Mine is Supercopa issue. If I put Starball, then it become CL issue.

Another difference is that under the Kappa logo, Supercup issue has no Kappa word under it but La Liga issue does.

the NNs

Supecup issue has no Kappa logo n word at the below part of the number.

Sorry, picture a bit blurry since i snapshot it from youtube.

The size.
This is the first time I saw a shirt with ‘YYL’ size. At the moment I received this shirt I thought that the seller try to cheat me. But after I put up the shirt, it is really big. It could be XXL. Then I refer to this picture where he stands beside Figo…look, how small Figo was.
Later I contacted FCBarcelonaMemorabilia and he said that Figo wore XL size (sometimes L) during this season. Emmm, another good reason this might be a real matchworn jersey.

Not much to say about the club emblem.

The inside surface of the shirt.

The padded elbows.

The celebration at Dortmund Stadion

Thats all for the review.

December 9, 2010

Juventus European/South American Cup 1996

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Juventus European/South American Cup 1996.
Finally got the perfect condition.

COmplete with tagssssss so many tags.


it comes with cup celebration poster.

ANd it comes as BNIB with resealable plastic bag.

And I bought it 3 copies. Anyone interested just email me:

October 30, 2010

Luis Enrique #21 Barcelona 1997-98

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July 29, 2010

NO DROGAS 1997 (Sel. Madrid vs. Sel. Liga)

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July 12, 2010

Mijatovic #9 Real Madrid C.F. 1996-97

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May 13, 2010

Ze Roberto #21 Real Madrid C.F. 1997-98 Player Issue Champions League

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April 22, 2010

Raul #7 Real Madrid C.F. 1996-97

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March 7, 2010

Raul #7 Real Madrid C.F. 1997-98 Kelme

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